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Monday, October 17, 2005

Galleys / Page Proofs

The old word is galleys. My Berkley editor calls them Page Proofs. Here's a sample from Sorceress of Faith.

Mostly minor corrections, this time, but a few lines added here or there. You'll notice that when we did the copy edits we came out with a sentence that made no sense, so I'm correcting it.

The Characters:
Marian -- Heroine, grad student of Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Boulder CO
Jaquar -- Sorcerer, seen in Guardian of Honor, Hero of Sorceress of Faith
Alexa -- Marshall of the Jade Baton, Heroine of Guardian of Honor, formerly of Denver
Sinafin -- Shape-shifting magical being more powerful than she seems
Bastien -- Marshall of the Black and Silver Baton, Hero of Guardian of Honor

Setting: Walking up a hill from the town of Castleton to the Marshalls' Castle.

Jaquar is of Earth-Lladranan blood. Marian has just asked: "Has anyone ever kept track of all the mixed bloodlines in a historical genealogical way?"
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May all your revisions be easy.


Blogger moonhart said...

Oh dear Robin,

FF did not get the "joke" in this page? LOL!

I will have to fill her in, I am not sure if she has read GOH.

This is wonderful. Poor Jaquar. Evidently the Llandranians prefer their bloodlines pure.



5:30 AM  
Anonymous Megan said...

Hi just wondering if your still checking the posts on access romance regarding streetnames and such?

12:17 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Moonhart, I explained it. I think the Lladranans like Exotiques if they are famous and working hard, not caring too much for their descendants...

Megan, I haven't looked at that, because the feedback was a lot less than I'd hoped for when I first started...but I think people are falling into autumn and lives are getting busy with the change of the season. I'll pop right on over.


6:32 AM  

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