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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finishing a Book

Finishing a book is a BIG DEAL. Many of you belong to writers' groups, or reading groups, and might know a lot of people who have finished a book...but in the real world, in the business world, how many people do you know who have written an entire book?

I believe everyone is creative, and we're not talking about that. We are speaking entirely about Finishing a Book. Even in the writing groups I belong to, there are people who have started many and never finished. I have several unfinished stories (mostly those before I began seriously writing) sitting in my drawers. Yes, plural, drawers. I have several proposals sitting around, too.

So, if you've finished the book, you MUST be in the minority in your non-writing friends. Congratulate yourself!

And if the first book doesn't sell, and you're a serious writer, send it out until you realize it WON'T sell (for any of a number of reasons) and keep writing.

May the writing come easy today and finishing that much closer...
Love to all,


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