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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Writer's Life -- Waiting

Much of a writer's life, especially before you're published, is waiting. I once waited an entire year to hear about a manuscript (rejected) from a publishing house that didn't allow multiple submissions. Huh. Most writers are in the same boat. Even with an agent, I wait. I sent in my Luna proposal in February of 2003 and heard about it in late June of that year (after getting several emails asking where it was...)

And, as you all know, I sent off the Contemporary Paranormal Romance Proposal (since it took more than a year to do, I get to put it in Caps), last Friday. My agent won't look at it until today....yeah, I still have a nail-biting problem (and can't give into it anymore this week because I'll be signing, hopefully, at Rocky Mtn. Fiction Writers' Conference on Friday).

So today, I am REALLY waiting, because I'll learn how much more effort I might need to put into the work to sell it. I am HOPING it won't be any, but who knows? My agent is more aware of the market than I.

In any case, there's only one good way to wait -- and that's to continue writing and continue submitting and try not to think about it. Usually it works. Never stop the creative process while you wait to hear about a ms. You'll grow old. Truth.

Love to all,


Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

My books have been submitted for over a year. Even though they tell me good things, your story is good to hear. They are reputable enough that I'm thrilled to even be considered. In the meantime, I've finished the series and written most of anther book and started an agent search. Got to keep busy! Good advice, Robin.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Danica said...

Robin, is it a public signing? I may come by and say hi if it is. :)

4:06 PM  

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