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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hypnosis for Writers

I went to a session yesterday of Hypnosis for Writers by Lynda Hilburn (and I spelled her name wrong on my checks, sorry Lynda).

It was very interesting, and since there were only four of us there, 2 unpubbed and 2 multi-pubbed, it was small and diverse. The session itself was awesome, and, guess what, we all needed bolstering in "discipline." LOL. Wonder how that happened...

I went because I am angsting over the deadline for Heart Quest. I came back and messed around, but finally DID get some revising done and a smidgeon of writing and an ah-ha! moment of how to tie a couple of books together (assuming I get another contract for more Heart books).

Yes, I'm interested in new age things (hey, I write paranormal futuristic fantasy with a pagan Celtic world where the inhabitants developed their psi powers and have telepathic pets), so I took a chance on the hypnosis and I'm hoping it will pay off. And this blog is not going at all the way I wanted, so I'll just say that it was very thought provoking, the meditation-visualization itself so helpful I wanted a CD to use over and over, and it was well worth the fee.

Love to all,


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