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Saturday, September 03, 2005


First, you'll notice that I'm posting this on a Saturday on a holiday weekend -- so I probably won't have an extreme number of hits. ;)

Every author has a weakness, and I'm not just talking about using certain words in every book (I think someone inhales deeply in all my books...) One author, say, has problems keeping secondary characters secondary -- as soon as they're introduced, they overwhelm the hero and heroine and you're not as interested in the main characters. One author has TERRIBLE endings. Flat, "telling" sort of endings that just ruin the book as if s/he wrote most of the book on proposal, but has too much work now, and just wrapped it up in a few paragraphs of narrative.

I like a cast of many characters and "get together" scenes. From the first time I started writing seriously I had a "will reading" in the first chapter. Now that I'm cognizant of this weakness, I'll keep an eagle eye out for it...but...I like them. I like the interplay of characters...anyway, in Sorceress of Faith, I kept...um...uh, oh...anyway there are a couple of times where folks are in a ritual circle, and only one real big meeting scene...I think. Sigh.

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