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Monday, August 01, 2005

Copy Edits

Yes, the Sorceress of Faith copy edits are here, sitting on the dining room table -- LOOMING.

The ms. will have edits from the copy editor who looks for punctuation problems, spelling and typos. Last time the copy editor also did a bit of sentence restructuring, noting of words used too often, etc. In Guardian, I DID take issue with the copy editor about some wording. STET (keep it like it is) is your friend. I don't care too much about an editor correcting my grammar or punctuation -- that rarely irritates me. Word choice, sentence and paragraph structure is another matter. I DO like being told I've used a word too much, but I'll decide whether to change or keep

The CE's, again, will have my editor's comments, too, whether motivation is good, or the choreography is clear. These, of course, I take more seriously and change if I think the comment is right, or rewrite to make something clearer, or delete if the sentence can't be fixed and is only confusing. Again, if something is important to me and I don't think I should rewrite. I'll STET.

Well, I'm groggy from catching up on my sleep and it's back to the day job and I have about 15 minutes to throw myself together.

Love to all,


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