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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Plotter / Pantzer / SCENE-ER?

All right, as I looked around the table at critque on Saturday (there were 7 of us. One of my groups got down very low and we invited some other folks in and now have a large group). I noticed that we really fell into about 3 groups of differing plotting styles. Two of us are Scene-ers, writing a lot of scenes with a vague idea of how they come together, two of us are pantzers, writing scenes but also putting them in order and knowing in general how the book goes -- this group includes me -- and two of us are plotters, plotting ahead of time before writing the book. I haven't seen enough work from the last to categorize her.

So, at least I don't feel as if I am on the bottom of the disorganizational ladder, and I admit I got a lot of help and comments on my synopsis, and "fixes" from those who plot better...my motivations are too subtle and complex (which made Sorceress of Faith a b**ch to write), my conflict between the h/h (hero and heroine) were also too subltle and complex, not all my ideas made it onto the page, and my hero was a Beta guy.

So now I'll be doing stronger, simpler conflict/motivations, deeper backstory and longer explanations of my paranormal universe, and the guy will storm through the story as an alpha. At least in the synopsis.

Love to all,


Anonymous a reader said...

do the males descriptions correspond to the biological-animal descriptions? Alpha, beta, ...theta, etc.?
I like to think people are a little more complex than that!
In print T'Ash is very attractive but, in real life a wise woman would run away from his kind as fast as possible.
Please do not dumb down your plots or characters! That is not very complimentary to your readers.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yes, in the romance writing community there is a lot of talk about writing alphas/betas etc. And I'll be simplifying the SYNOPSIS as a marketing tool. :) When I get into the book, it will no doubt change a lot.

Yes, alphas are lovely to write about but most women would prefer to marry a beta in real life -- just as a wonderful life would make pretty boring fiction.


9:10 PM  

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