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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rewarding Yourself

Yes, I do. On a regular basis. Yesterday I rewarded myself with a cup of good assam tea in an exquisite paper thin cup...since I had to take down my china curio cabinet so the plumber could saw up my kitchen ceiling, I had, of course, to wash the Beleek which I haven't used for about four years when I rewarded myself this way last time.

The Owens' women's curse is the love of fine china. The worst arguments my Mom, Grandma and I ever had were about china (I'm not kidding) and the VERY worst was about bone dishes **shudder.** Not bone china, bone dishes, little dishes that hold chicken bones etc. We searched the d**n city (Mom and me) for years looking for the "right" antique bone dishes for Grandma. She was what one would call a Very Difficult Person (ok, very spoilt and self-absorbed).

Anyway, I now have her Beleek and the reason I got to reward myself was for surviving the massacre of my poor pitiful synopsis in critique. It was a good thing no one wrote in red because each page would have bled to death (6 copies of 10 pages makes 60 bloody pages-- yes the double entendre is meant).

Sigh. I'm a pantzer -- this is probably a rataionalization and an excuse, but it's also a fact. The story comes to me when I write. Thinking it up ahead of time is just plain hideous for me. So, yeah, I get a reward for getting the thing together in even pitiful shape (so I forgot the climax, so what! it's in my head, ain't it -- like a lot of things, I found out), and a big reward for taking it to critique. We only had two other people reading and their stuff was perfect.

Sigh. Where's that banging the head on the desk icon when you need it?

Love to all,


Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

I've written the synopsis ahead of time and then never looked at it again. That's how useless I am at following a plot. Do you even know where you are headed? Sometimes I have a vision of how the ending looks, and that's when I'm lucky. But sometimes not, and then it seems like every word must be pried from my psyche.

It's the process of discoverythat I love, but I've the idea that editors and agents... not so much.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Actually, in a couple of my books I was able to write the ending chapter right after chapter 2 or 3. So I uaually know in general where I'm going.


7:27 PM  

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