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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celta Thursday Cut Scene from Heart Change

After Cratag shoveled in a few mouthfuls of egg and a couple of porcine strips, he asked, "What's Bright Brigid's Day Fair?"

Avellana stabbed into her vegetable omlette. "It's a Fair for women. You take offerings to the goddess as Brigid."

"What kind of offerings?" he asked.

"Things you've made with your creative Flair."


She looked at him, brows lowered. "I don't know." Her bottom lip poked out. "Vinni's there today, too. And my mother and sister, though not at the same Fair as Signet, I don't think." The girl tilted her head to the side, "But I think that Vinni is at Signet's fair, wherever that may be."


"It's a tradition." Avellana glared at him.

The Residence said smoothly, "It is a spring holiday celebrating the aspects of the ancient goddess Brigid: creativity, prophecy, smithing."

"T'Ash is there?" asked Cratag.

"No, he isn't," Avellana said.

"Yes, he attends the Women of the Arts Bright Brigid's Day Fair in Meadowsweet temple."

"I didn't know that," Avellana said. "I don't think D'Hazel knows that either, or any of the FirstFamily Ladies." She messed around with her eggs, but didn't eat. "Signet doesn't do arts. She's a cobbler."

"She supports the arts," the Residence said and now it sounded offended. "And she's a fashion designer."

Avellana made another noise but the Residence rolled over her. "We will discuss some of the ancient goddesses today in our lessons," the Residence said. "Their Earthan history and the generation of Druida's Bright Brigid Day Fair and the number of fairs taking place today."

Cratag just knew in his bones that the day was going to go downhill.


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