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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celta Thursday

Cut from Heart Change:

Celta Thursday, cut from Heart Change: "I wanted to live in the Turquoise House, the house becoming a Residence, thought it might be fun. But Nivea didn't." He looked with confused eyes on his bride and Cratag ached for the young man and the revelations of his wife's character to come. Laev would never divorce her. The first scandalous GreatHouse divorce had taken place a few months earlier, but that was not an example Laev would follow. Nivea would never allow it either.

"FatherSire offered us the house in Gael City. I can keep better watch on our cinnamon fields there, and she liked that idea." He frowned. "I'd never thought of living out of Druida."

"You'll survive."

Laev's smile flashed as he glanced at Cratag and he saw the young boy he'd known. "I'm sure. But I had really wanted to try the Turquoise House."

"How long has your Family had the house and estate in Gael City? Could you bring it along from a House to a Residence?" Cratag had no notion where that idea had come from. But, like Laev, he'd heard stories of the Turquoise House when training at The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon. "

But I've heard a house-turning-into-a-Residence can be like a child, and maybe you're planning to have children right away." Cratag glanced at Nivea's two sisters. Three children, unusually prolific for a Celtan Family, maybe Laev was luckier than he knew. Now that Cratag wasn't seeing Avellana and Vinni often, he understood that he missed them.

Laev shrugged, didn't meet Cratag's eyes. "Nivea wants to enjoy herself first before she becomes a mother."

Cratag still couldn't believe that the couple hadn't had sex before marriage. Unheard of. How did they know they'd be compatible. There was more to a person than physical beauty and appeal.

So much more to Signet. He ached for her.


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