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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celta Thursday, Cut Scene from Heart Duel

Passiflora Holly looked thin, her prominent cheekbones only adding to her beauty. She held Holm's hand in both her own. "I can't deny your father's will," she whispered, her mouth turning down.

""Of course not. He's your HeartMate. I know what that means, now." The surge of dizzying love he had for his Bellá circled to her through their linked hands. When the loving pulse returned to him, magnified and enhanced by her love for him, his knees trembled.

Nothing was as important as Bellá. If he'd failed as a son, he hadn't as a lover. Would never fail her as a husband or a HeartMate. He vowed never to fail as a father, either.

As this sentiment surged* to Bellá, she squeezed his hand.

His Mamá's eyes widened as she caught a little backwash of his and Bellá's love. The strain around her mouth eased. Her smile dazzled.

She took Bellá's hand and they formed an intimate circle of three -- love flowed unimpeded between them all. Jus when Holm's lust bloomed, Bellá caught* the urge and transformed it into sweet Healing energy that she funneled to his Mamá. Passiflora's skin turned rosey and she dropped Holm's hand with a laugh that held her music.

Relief swept Holm. Again Bellá pressed his fingers, then she pulled her hand away so only she was connected to Passiflora.

"You'll take care of my son," Passiflora said confidently.

"Yes," Bellá answered.

Passiflora held out her free hand to Holm and he took it again. She sandwiched his and Bellás hands between her own. "I give you my blessing. A mother's blessing, a GreatLady's blessing." Golden music-filled mist coalesced around them.

Passiflora dropped her hands and relaxed back on the blue velvet cushions. She met Holm's eyes and raised her eyebrows. "I'll work on your father. It may take years, but you'll be restored your place in this Household. I'll wear him down." She made a face. "He already knows deep inside himself that he's made a mistake."

Holm stared at his mother. It was the first time in his life that Mamá ha ever said his father was less than perfect.

Passiflora sighed and shook her head, then sent a tune rippling through the room -- Holm's Courting Melody. Bellá laughed and even Holm managed a smile.

"Go with the Lady and Lord," Passiflora said, beaming.

Holm kissed her hand, then bowed.

The young cats raced into the sitting room and tumbled to a halt at Passiflora's feet.

She giggled and lifted Meserv -- Holm thought he'd always be fatter than his twin -- and buried her face in his fur. "I'm going to miss this little one." Meserv's purr increased to deep rumbling.

"Zanth always has kittens on the way," Bellá said wryly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! Robin, your scenes make me CRY! Love it and all of your writings. Thank you!

7:27 PM  

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