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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Celta Thursday, Cut from Heart Fortune, Glyssa Writing:

Celta Thursday, Cut from Heart Fortune, Glyssa Writing: Maybe she'd do a flashback later in the book to show it, but she wanted to start when Hoku was Awakened and became Captain. That's when his journals started, though the one that dealt with his life aboard Lugh's Spear was sketchy. He was far more elolquent after he and the remaining colonists left the ship, tried to establish a community, watched the ship disappear as the ground beneath it gave way, then began the trek to Druida City where Nuada's Sword had landed.

Hoku was Awakened and named Captain when the colonists decided to settle on this planet. A couple of months – she'd have to record the exact amount of time which she didn't know right now. More research needed! She'd just put in a placeholder note: **months before the Landing of Lugh's Spear.

That was sufficient for now. She could barely keep her eyes from closing.
Lepid! she mind-called her FoxFam.

A distant yip came. **I am by the fire. You should come, too. It is very pleasant.** A pause. **Though some people do not sing very well. *I* sing better than they.**

That had her smiling. She stood and stretched, set the page of her story atop the many sheets of papyrus she'd used to detail her report of the camp, the Elecampanes, the progress of her studies as well as the investigations of others and the progress of the excavation. Put the longer outline for her story atop that.

**I am going to bed now.**


She worked.

Tried to craft the story. The field report was going fine.

She'd finished transcribing all of Hoku's journal of the time he was on the ship, had helped with the founding of the town they'd hoped to live in, and the tragic disappearance of Lugh's Spear. She knew the events well, but that was all. She wanted to write it from Hoku's point of view.

Finally she flung the writestick aside. Why did she think she could get into a man's head? She couldn't even understand Jace, and she had a bond with him. She had definitely misread him from the beginning.

She stared at her pitiful sentences and gulped, then her mouth dried.

This story terrible. She would fail her friend. She would fail her field study.

She was doomed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! Love to start my Thursday reading about Celta.

10:04 AM  

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