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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Danith Mallow (D'Ash) Interview, birthday present for fan

On facebook, and here, if you let me know you have a birthday, I will do my best to do cut scenes or something.

Here's one for DT.

A long forgotten Danith D'Ash interview

My name is Danith Mallow -- it really is my very own name and not one that was given to me by Dannan at the Saille House for Orphans. I am 5'4'', small, I have round breasts and hips and thighs and a narrow waist. I have green eyes and chestnut hair -- that's a dark brown with reddish highlights. I am twenty-nine.

Distinctive physical marks? I don't think I have any. I have some scars from running and playing in the grounds of the Saille House for Orphans.

Favorite clothes: I hadn't thought of it before, but I have this very, very thin silkeen dress of a pale blue-green that feels so soft and slinky against my skin that I nearly purr when I wear it. I only wear it on special occasions, like my nameday, or sometimes for the Albans, when I'm celebrating them inside.

I've never been married. I had a childhood friend. A boy I met in Saille House, we were very close -- at least I thought so. We shared our dreams -- dreams of a real family with Mother and Father and children. As many children as we could have, though each of us were only childs. Anyway, Timkin left the Saille House before I did and went into the real world. He found a job melding Science and Flair into instruments. He also found another girl. Someone he liked better than me. So he married her.

I am interested in marriage. It is very, very important to me, and so is having children, as many as I can manage, and I want as big a family as I can have. Did I tell you I'm seeing Cascara Clover? He comes from a line with a large, large family. Maybe even as large as some of those on Earth.

My Father? I don't remember him very well. A large presence. Quiet, kind of scary. Did I say big? He always seemed like a huge shadow looming over me. He's dead, of course. He and mama died in an accident. An air accident. Flying is still not very safe. The machines don't go here as well as Earth and the winds, above a certain height, are very fickle. Anyway, they were on the ground when an airship crashed. I was playing somewhere else. I was three. I think I was a pretty girl, but I never got adopted. It's sort of scary since there are a lot of people without children. But bloodlines and natural children are very, very important. I don't care, of course, but they are to other people, ordinary people. And they're particularly important to the Thirteen First Families. I hear there are secret rituals at weddings and births to make sure the blood stays pure or some such. Do you believe that? I think I might.

Mother. Mama. She was soft. Not only in body. I think she was weak. She wasn't a very independent sort. Father always made the rules around the house. I don't think I would ever want to live that way. I want to follow my own rules. I've had enough of rules.

Extended family members -- none.

Schooling. Oh, most schooling is private, you know. There are small private schools for the middle class. I'm not sure what Downwind people do. But I learned my skills in Saille House.

Military service? What's that?

Goal: Easy, I want to marry Cascara, a nice, simple, uncomplicated man and be welcomed into his wonderful, large and loving family. This is important because then I won't ever be lonely, and I will always be loved by someone and I will always belong to someone. And life wasn't great at Saille House, and I want it to be better now, and marrying Cascara will be easy.
Obstacles: Well, Mitchella, Cascara's sister, thinks he isn't the right one for me. That hurt a lot, even though she said it was because she loved me and liked me better than her brother. I'm not sure if she said anything to Cascara, but I sure hope she doesn't make him think too much.

I like to feel things. And taste things.

Temperment. I have a fairly even temper unless you push me too far.

Occupation: I work as an accounting clerk at Pennyroyal & Poppy. It's a job, but the Clovers have a furniture manufacturing business and I'm sure that once I marry into the family, I will work with them in the office.

Skills: I take good care of my cat. I am good at my job, slow and conscientious. I work hard. Umm, other skills -- I master small magical items easily, which is why I thought I might, once, have Flair.

I'm tired. Really, really tired. I believed in myself once, but no more. I made a mistake, trusted the wrong person, and got railroaded into a deadend job with people who use my talents but don't respect me. Talents, yeah, with a small "t." Funny, isn't it, when I was a child, even a young girl, I was a dreamer, and just knew I had Flair, with a capital "F," thought I could feel it pulsing within me, ready to unfurl butterfly wings and soar. And it would make me happy to use the Flair, as it does everyone. And it would free me from the common life I thought I would never have to live. I would be discovered and swept up a class or two, gaining in status. I never wanted much, just to live a good life making good money doing something I loved, being independent of the rules of the orphanage, making my own rules and with a loving, supportive family. Yeah, told you I was a dreamer, huh?
Well, I don't have Flair. I've buried my dreams of that, finally.

I go through the motions of my job, I'm a good worker.

Lately, I've been excruciatingly lonely. And it wasn't until I hooked up with Cascara that I knew that I could make at least a few of my old dreams come true. His family is wonderful, so warm and outgoing and charming and cheerful. They really like me. Me, as I am and I really, really want to belong to them. To be a member.
Cascara is a good man, a little boyish, but at least he's no more of a jerk than most. And he's a reflection of his family, outgoing and ready for a good time. I laugh a lot with him.


Blogger Diana Troldahl said...

Thank you!!! And magically, Danith is one of my favorite characters from Celta :-}
Blessed be!

Diana T., a happy 51st birthday indeed!

5:36 PM  

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