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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celta Thursday: Cut Scene from Heart Fortune: Continuation of Glyssa Trying To Write

Cut from Heart Fortune and Glyssa trying to write: Setting aside her story, she put writestick to papyrus and began a nice list from what she'd already found out about her subject.

**Captain Hoku was interviewed as a colonist and accepted provisionally as a pilot.**

**He liquidated all his property and possessions and contributed to the fund to buy the starships.**

**When the ships were purchased, Lugh's Spear was the oldest and in the worst condition. It was determined to be the most difficult to land successfully. Of the five starship pilots who were colonists, Hoku had the most experience with that model of starship. He accepted being appointed as the pilot who would lift off and land the starship.**

How proud Camellia should be of her ancestor!

**During the outfitting of the ships and before the colonists left, Hoku practiced and refined his technique for landing Lugh's Spear.**

**The colonists left Earth ahead of schedule due to mobs mobilizing to destroy the starships. Hoku piloted Lugh's Spear from its Earthbound berth into space.**

He'd already proven himself to be a valuable member of the crew.

**As soon as the coordinates to the original planet were set, Hoku entered the cryonics tube for the flight, to be awakened in time to land the starship.**

Glyssa smiled with satisfaction. That was the most she'd discovered with regard to his life before he was awakened. Maybe she'd do a flashback later in the book to show it, but she wanted to start when Hoku was Awakened and became Captain. That's when his journals started....
to be continued, next Thursday or at a birthday request :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, two days from Thursday now!
I look forward to these installments about Celta.
Prefer to read them here than in Facebook.

9:55 AM  

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