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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Another birthday present posting

Again, a Facebook fan and friend, and a continuation of the previous cut scene from Heart Fortune:

The PublicLibrary naturally had a list of all the colonists who'd put together the project and contributed the funds, all of those who'd been in the cryonics tubes of the three starships. Many of the generational crew members had written down lists of themselves and their friends and the interlacing relationships of Families. Those names had been copied and kept, cross-checked and tabulated.

And many Celtans had kept the Family Ancestral Trees up to date. Glyssa grimaced. Most of the Families had diminished. Some had died out. Celta had not been an easy planet to colonize and few Families had actually thrived. Sicknesses swept through, and though lifespans and psi powers had increased greatly, the population had not flourished the way the original colonists had anticipated and planned for.

Some people even believed now, that in the end, humans would not survive on Celta.

Glyssa set her chin. She didn't subscribe to that notion. Human life had a good toehold here, and people were stubborn. Flair and tech and knowledge increased with every generation. Humans would triumph.

Surely even in the depths of whatever doubts haunted Captain Hoku, he would have believed the same. He had contributed money and skills to the colonists, believed in their mission.

She wrote: *Hoku was sure he could land the starship, Lugh's Spear, and was determined to do so!*

But back to research. She hurried into the bedroom and the cabinet with the strongest spellshield Laev had ordered. Inside were the copies of all the colonists and Family Trees that the library had. Glancing at the papyrus copies of Hoku's journals, she nodded. Whether or not it took her long, head-throbbing septhours, she'd have to transcribe those. Along with keeping the record of the excavation for her Family and Laev, and writing Hoku's story for Camellia.

And learning the camp, talking to others, discovering more about herself...as well as Lepid, and he should have been back from his "perimeter looksee" by now. She had the lowering feeling that her FoxFam liked being in the company of other people more than just with her.

With an irritable shrug, she took the record sphere that held the lists of people on Lugh's Spear. She slid her thumb over it and murmured her personal password, standing there as the officers, crew, and colonist sleepers in the cryogenics tubes were enumerated.......


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