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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Another Cut from Heart Fortune

Yes, when a birthday girl/guy gets a cut on Facebook, you get one here.

Captain Netra Sunaya Hoku was Awakened
, she wrote. She studied the last word. Should she use the word "Awakened?" It meant that the Captain had departed Earth in a cryonics tube that kept him alive for centuries and the procedure had been scientifically reversed while in space. How many people knew that word?

Tapping her writestick on her desk, she decided that most folk would know the term. After all, the play detailing the last days of the voyage and the landing of Nuada's Sword had been popular for many years and most everyone would have seen it live or on viz.
And the Elecampanes had produced a play – and vized that – based on Raz Cherry T'Elecampane's ancestress who'd been a cook aboard Lugh's Spear. Everyone Glyssa knew had seen that multiple times, too.

Not to mention that since the popularity of those first plays and vizes, more fiction had been written and vized about the colonists and the voyage of the starships, life on the ships and the early years of Druida, the lost colony near Lugh's Spear. Much fiction, including romances, Glyssa's favorite.

She frowned. A huge amount of the fiction was historically inaccurate. She would not tolerate that in her own story.
And, yes, she would use, "Awaken."

He was excited and frightened.

Glyssa nibbled on the end of her writestick. Of course anyone would be frightened. But a man wouldn't show that, would he? No strong person would in such circumstances, would they? Glyssa didn't think revealing emotion also showed weakness. But perhaps that was a female notion. She scratched out "and frightened."

Who would have been at the Awakening procedure? Someone who loved him, probably. Did he have a HeartMate?

No! Earthans didn't have HeartMates, no matter how strong their psi had been. The HeartMate phenomena was a development since the colonization of Celta.

So, did Hoku have a lover – female or male? Gnawing her lip, Glyssa thought of the Captain. She'd picked through the journals, but didn't recall anything about a lover. From the moment he'd been Awakened he'd been incredibly busy – and despite the image she'd projected earlier, Glyssa didn't truly read Geek Class language easily.

Research! She definitely needed to do research for this bit...................


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