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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Heart Fortune Cut Scene: Continuation of Glyssa trying to write the Captain of the starship Lugh's Spear's story...

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With an irritable shrug, she took the record sphere that held the lists of people on Lugh's Spear. She slid her thumb over it and murmured her personal password, standing there as the officers, crew, and colonist sleepers in the cryogenics tubes were enumerated.

The first name was the immediately previous Captain who'd stepped down mere months before the landing on Celta, Umar Clague and his wife.

Next came Captain and Pilot, Netra Sunaya Hoku with no lover or other relatives noted. A twinge of sadness pinged through Glyssa. Not one other person had travelled with him. No wonder he had been considered moody.

As she walked back to her desk, a stray thought flickered through her mind. If she'd been one of the ruling council of Chinju, the continent where the third starship, Arianrhod's Wheel, had landed, she'd have sent an observer to this excavation.

Each of the three starships had specialized a bit. Each had human and animal DNA. Nuada's Sword, as the largest and newest had carried most of the mission founders in cryogenics tubes. Lugh's Spear was supposed to have deeper and more specific databases about the development of psi power on Earth.** Arianrhod's Wheel held the most artisans and craftspeople.
Surely the Chinju council had been informed of the Elecampanes's project. Seafaring ships and even airships made the trips more often so regular commerce, exchanges of ideas and history and knowledge, were more common – as well as immigration and emegration.

Hmm. Perhaps Glyssa should contact Camellia and Laev Hawthorn to ensure someone from Chinju came. Laev probably was already considering providing a communications array to Corona, the capital city of Chinju.

But what was the capacity of the brand new communications satellite? Glyssa didn't know. She knew very little about old Earthan tech. For a moment she thought of how fascinating it would have been to be in Druida City this afternoon when Nuada's Sword launched the thing. She couldn't even imagine what it looked like. Surely many people would have gathered in Landing Park outside the Ship to witness the epic event.

Her whole Family might have gone on the outing...and why hadn't she asked more questions of the Ship, or Laev? Though, upon reconsideration, her father would have taken the plum assignment of being the liasion between Captain Elder and Dani Eve Elder and the Ship and the PublicLibrary. Glyssa hadn't even submitted and had her FirstLevel project approved.
Which jolted her back to her own work and duty.

She looked at the piece of papyrus, picked up the writestick again.


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So appreciative of all these cuts being posted! Thank you!

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