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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Celta Thursday, Heart Fortune cut scene with Barton Clover

"Jace, is Bar– is the man pacing?" T'Willow asked.
"Good, the potion will be effective sooner. How did you persuade him to drink the potion?"
"I told him that he could return to his brother, the nag." Jace smiled but felt a sweet melancholy. Bar Whoever had a large and loving Family. Jace had had no one who cared what he did.
He glanced around the room. He supposed he could claim the Licorices, if he wanted. Not a big Family, they didn't appear too loving, and he didn't think he meshed well with them. But he figured they might be champs at nagging him to change his ways. Not that he wanted to.
T'Willow was standing in front of him and nodding. "I'm sure that his brother is already travelling here as a witness." He bowed to the older Licorices. "As you are. All of you, please remain still when the gentleman enters."
"Is he a gentleman?" snapped T'Licorice.
"I told you I knew him, and I firmly believe you will be pleased."
"What are the ingredients in the potion?" asked D'Licorice.
Yes, real nags.
"My professional secret. Nothing that will influence Enata against her will." He looked back toward her. She'd settled in the comfort chair.
D'Licorice's eyes narrowed, her mouth pursed.
T'Willow smiled. "Would you like a taste." In turn he stared at D'Licorice, her husband, then turned to Jace, tilted his head to see Glyssa behind Jace.
"No!" Jace said.
Glyssa sniffed loudly behind him.
D'Licorice wet her lips. "Perhaps we can take some samples home? For what this is costing?"
"Certainly." T'Willow moved toward his desk and tapped his scryscreen. "Mama," he said, "Can you prepare some of the Recognition Potions for me." He smiled at D'Licorice. "Two full tubes, one female and one male."
"Of course, Saille," a woman answered.
"Thank you."
The scryscreen pinged. "Here," said T'Willow.
"I'm pulling into the courtyard, has the meeting between my brother and his match taken place yet?"
"Excellent. I will be there momentarily. I want to see him take the fall."
Glyssa tapped Jace on the shoulder. "You're blocking my view."
"He's not gonna see you when he enters."
She smiled and his heart picked up beat and he wanted to kiss every one of the freckles on his face. Slowly. Nibble at her lips.
"Jace," she whispered.
"Do you know who my sister's man is?"
Glyssa pouted. "Oh." Then she smiled slowly, lowered her lashes and sent him a seductive gaze that had blood falling away from his head to below his belt. "Would you like a pink drink? I'll take a blue one?"
No, he didn't. But his mouth opened anyway. His body was all too ready to agree.
The door slammed open and Jace thrust Glyssa behind him again as the fighter strode into the room.
Glyssa smiled at Jace's back. Maybe he wasn't vocal about their connection, but the HeartMate link must be acting on him. On them. Then her attention went to the large and muscular male. Nice, if you liked that type.
"Saille T'Willow, I hope you know what you're doing or I will beat your butt. I don't like being called in like a new guard." He slapped his broad chest. "I don't have a consultation with you. I don't want a consultation with you."
Enata stood and turned and the man stopped, looking stunned.
So did Enata. They stared at each other for a full minute.
Her brows dipped. "I've seen you."
The man blinked. "I know you. The librarian."
Glyssa stared. She should know the man.
"Nice build," said Glyssa's mother. "But does he read?"

Heh, heh, heh, I ended on a hook. Next week should end this bit...though I have more Heart Fortune cuts (one that never made it IN).



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