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Friday, March 15, 2013

War room

Almost every morning I go into an international writing war room. People are there all around the clock since some of them are in Europe (Sweden, Ireland, England), and throughout every time zone of the States. And some of us work in the mornings, some of us very late at night... Here's a pic (small so the names are not seen)

We talk about our work, occasionally brainstorm, discuss publishing (some of us are, and most of us were with Luna) but mostly we war or slog. Since I am one of the slower writers, I like the 30 min wars with little breaks, not the 1k1h (1000 words in an hour, which I can rarely do. So we go at the 00, the 05, the 10...and ostensibly the person who writes the most wins. The key here is motivation and accountability.

All writers are welcome, at any time, if you are respectful of others and the writing process. The war room does need a password, and will request a screen name. Email me if you want in. May you be cheerful today.


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