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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polishing First Chapters

Three out of five times I nail a first chapter completely and only need a little polishing. Heart Journey was pretty good -- both first scenes with Raz and Del. I think Enchanted No More is excellent. Still, I always take first chapters to critique and polish myself a few times. I revise 3-5 times before I turn the book in, and I don't often look at it afterwards. That said there are some books that I've never finished (or sold) because the first chapter never was right.

So, when I'm revising a "whole book" I don't often read the first chapter, mainly because I've worked on it so long.

I've decided to begin reading Heart Journey since I was working on some of the deep edits and little niggly-word mistakes were bothering me...

May you enjoy your work today.


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