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Friday, December 26, 2008

Website Work

I thought I had something scheduled to go up today, but obviously not since I am staring at a blank box.

Christmas with family was good. We play Yahtzee (sp?), that's my Mom's favorite game. I won twice so felt smug.

When I think of my website I get huge gobs of guilt because I don't update as much as I should. So I worked on it today. As usual it took hours. I need to break up the task so I don't get the butt-numbs doing it...and I'll keep it up monthly like I intend to.

What's coming on the website:

Updated the room page with a new pic of the computer with Echoes In the Dark cover flat.

Contest (with excerpt from Echoes in the Dark Chapter 1), for a SMALL silver chiming necklace.

Bookshelf: Best of 2008 seal for Heart Fate, a placeholder for Heart Change and some copy I threw together and will probably revise.

Free Your Artist: Goals and Torches

Pic of a place I used in Echoes In the Dark as part of the Singer's Abbey and small excerpt with Luthan in Chapter 1.


Original First Draft of Chapter 1 which is significantly different from the current opening.

Just to get you panting, I'll put up a note when I hear from my webmistress when it goes live...now I'm off to my errands.

May all of your errands get done today.


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