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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thick Skin Reprise, Anonymous Reviewers

All right, I did come across another review of my work and I'm not as thick skinned as I thought. I guess it was the statement that it didn't live up to the potential... and as I wrote that, I realized that the author of the review had a different vision for my work than I do. And I will repeat the truth that not everyone will like my work. So I will continue to shrug it off and by this afternoon the sting of the review will be gone.

But the poster of that review said that as a reader and a writer my work bothered him/her. So, like, where is his/her work and why is s/he hiding behind anonymity? It reminds me of that old saying "Can dish it out but can't take it." (Yes, still irritated and the anonymity of net reviewers really irritates me).

And I also look at myself. When I talk about a book that bothered me, I usually use general terms and may mix the facts so I can make a point but people don't recognize the book or author. Occasionally I will name the author -- like J.K. Rowling -- if I don't know them and feel they will not see my reviews and are massive enough in sales that I can't hurt them....

But the anonymity of these reviewers has always bothered me. WHY? Do they think I'd slash their work because they didn't like mine? At Lizzie's Tea Room I was with an author who has a book that I don't think should ever have been published. I said nothing.

I guess I believe in people more than these anonymous reviewers.

So, I DO wonder. Why anonymity? ... and this probably goes to my basic belief that life should be fair -- and I know it isn't. I'm hanging out there with my work available to all, fair game for anyone. These folk hide behind a mask. Still don't get it.

May your day go smoothly.


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