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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How Did It Get To Be December 14th? -- Website

I did do a couple of posts ahead last week, woke up and realized that one probably didn't go up this am...and found I hadn't done one yesterday either.

Yesterday I did most of my holiday parties...CRW, RMFW, my friend Rose's Open House. Actually I just dropped in on CRW to pick up my panel to judge for the Award of Excellence and stayed for the board meeting where I confirmed I was working on stuff for the mixer Friday night for the conference in May, would be speaking on Interviewing your characters in March, and would put together a conference proposal (or if they had a craft hole I'd fill it). I paid my dues for the next year. So I missed the party part, though I brought 3 copies of Echoes In The Dark to be raffled.

So much for the holiday season with my orgs. I'm going to an annual dinner with my Mom and her neighbors today, then my family Christmas is brunch a week from today, then Freehold Christmas/Winter Holiday on the 28th. I think that critique is in between there, too.

Meanwhile, the fact I haven't updated my site sits on my shoulders like lead weights. I think doing this blog (and my agent now wants me to do a monthly newsletter, too), has delayed me even more from revising it. I can't do it myself, but that reason is less than the fact that I spend hours on it every month to do it right.

I'd wanted to put the Yule scene up from Heart Fate there, but it hardly seems worth it if I'm going to change out in January. So I think I'll put the Yule scene up here. I think my publisher would be lenient in how ever many words I want up.

So look for that next Saturday.

Snow and bitter cold has come to Denver and appears like it will stay the full week. Take care of yourself and your friends and family and ho ho ho.


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