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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Promotion v. Writing

Well, I spoke to my agent yesterday so though I've been up two hours I haven't gotten a word written that wasn't promotion, and I'm tired and hungry...ok, whine, sorry.

But I figured I'd better take care of a couple of promotional things since even though I got up before 6, it was going on 8 am on the east coast. Sometimes having an "extra" two hours is good, sometimes not when I have to do something early my time to make it reasonable back there...

I'm thinking I'll saunter down to Heidi's Deli and get pie. Or maybe to Common Grounds or Cafe Caliente, the Cafe is newish and I haven't been in it yet (ok, not that new, but it's been closed when I considered going in...).

Then I'll have to get back into writing mode instead of rah-rah-rah mode.

A little disgruntled because I'd love to just write. Sigh. And sometimes promotion is a whole lot easier than writing (not today), and I still have a list of things I must do.

I've heard that Echoes in the Dark got a Top Pick from Romantic Times, since I don't have a subscription, I don't know. I did get the Publisher's Weekly review and since it has spoilers I won't post here. But I got the impression that if I'd done wholesale slaughter they'd have been more happy with it.

That's it for today, may you pursue your dreams, whatever they might be.


Blogger Suzane in VT said...

Wholesale slaugher? I don't think so. It might have made reviewers happier, but I'm not so sure about your fans who don't want you to kill off ANY the characters - main or otherwise! The Dark, yes. The characters we've grown to love, ut uh, no way.

Can't wait for the release date.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Suzane. That reassures me, though I do remind you all that an animal companion was lost.

8:35 AM  

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