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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Process -- Rough First Drafts -- NaNoWriMo

One of the authors I was on a panel with at Worldcon said and I think he was quoting someone else, too) that when authors get together they talk of two things, process and publishing. Because it's different for everyone.

Today I woke up with scenes for one of the book proposals that I'll be working on, and not Heart Change. Due to family circumstances, I did not write yesterday or the day before, so I am lagging in the NaNoWriMo and this new book (Phantom Quartz), doesn't count.

I write out of sequence, then sew together, and sometimes write chronologically, and figure out stuff as I go along. That's my screwy process. So I don't write dirty rough first drafts, like NaNoWriMo advocates (ok, this sounds like rationalization), but right now I need to break chapter 13 up into about 4 pieces, so when I read it to do so, I will polish. I can't imagine writing a completely unpolished first draft. I think my brain would explode.

Anyway, when I DO re-read and polish, those are not the days where I make great word count -- a phrase or sentence here and there -- (more rationalization). So it's going to be tough making up wordcount (but I anticipate doing so). I'll just have to put my butt in the chair more often.

And my Mom called and I need to be over at her place and I've been going back and forth with my agent about whether my Luna books (other than Keepers of the Flame) are out of print or can be found new.

Whew. I've been whining a lot to other folks, so hope this doesn't sound like it.

Bottom line: Your process is probably unique, so cherish it, and if it doesn't fit other's expectations, that's ok.

May your day go smoothly,


Blogger Nancy J. Cohen said...

I am unable to write out of sequence. I have to write the first draft from start to finish, then go back and revise. If it isn't in chronological order, I'd get all mixed up. Otten ideas about the next scene will pop into my head, and that wouldn't happen if I jumped around. As you said, everyone has his/her own process.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Exactly, Nancy, and I know we all strive to narrow it down to the easiest as possible!


8:21 AM  

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