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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bells (Hours) of Celta

I was getting confused and a little apprehensive that I might not have kept my hours/bells straight, so I went through all the books and listed them. So here they are as follows, with things to think about.

Transition Bell and Third-Bell in the am had been the same, but I can probably make Transition Bell about 4-5 am Celtan time since I have in my notes that there are 28 septhours in a day...so all of my ages may be totally messed up -- everyone a lot older, but I figure that most people won't care too much. ;)


MidMorning Bell
NoonBell – Midday Bell

MidAfternoon Bell
WorkEnd Bell

Evening Bell (a prayer bell, too)
MidEvening Bell

Third-Bell (in the am)
Transition Bell
Week'sEnd Bell

Sunset Bell (which would, of course, vary). Straif Blackthorn was the only one to use this and he is more used to the natural order of sun progression than artificial constructs of time -- and let's not get into Dufleur Thyme...I had a VERY involved scene that I trimmed with the party on Nuada's Sword about the difference in times...because Celta was discovered in the summer, the Celtan New Year starts (in our terms) on November 1...etc. It made my head ache and I figured would just drive my readers crazy.

May you know where you are today.


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