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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why You Need Housesitters....

Ok, got to bed late last night, early this am, like 1:30, Tommy whined me awake at about 7:30. Worked (but did not make word count) until 10:30 am, housestuff til 1pm, then massage, then to Mom's to spend time with Wilbur and worked some til 7pm.

Walk into the house I'm sitting (checking on, doing sprinkler), at about 7:40 pm, hadn't been there since yesterday am.

There's a smell.

There's LOTS of water on the wooden floor. In fact two mats are wet...and there's water dripping from the ice maker on the freezer side. I can't open the freezer section.

A little panic...then I settle down...many calls to the guy, went to next door neighbor, called Amana, they think the door is frozen shut. Called bro (black sheep), he and nephew come and move the fridge away from the wall, detach the back, and the ice tube/coil, check out the basement (I'd wiped everything up), and moved the fridge from the wooden kitchen floor to the faux stone floor in the entryway.

All this until 10:30, say, and neither of them (both strong men), can get the door open. So I am at home to take care of cats. Would go back now, but I need gas first, and, like, it's very dark and I'm tired.

So I'll be signing off (haven't checked my email today so may glance at it to see any emergencies), then will probably fall into bed. Body is beginning to complain from deep tissue massage.

May all your refridgerators work today.


Blogger Tannun said...

Hmmm, I wonder if those darn Seamasters have been working rituals again. Maybe another spell gone awry that has created a vortex keeping that door sealed tight!

Better hope whatever spell they cast sucks the contents of the fridge to them. Let them clean up the mess!

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe it was the Exotiques looking for frozen french fries. ;)

12:51 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

LOL, Tannun, and carpetsudsie. I know I fluttered and flittered whan I first saw the problem, but it's taken care of now.


7:09 AM  

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