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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sceduled Posting

Blogger now has scheduled posting which may change my blog in a couple of ways.

First, I won't be tied to having to post it daily since I can schedule in advance. You may be subjected to less whines, but may lose more immediacy of my life...which can be good or bad.

I may actually talk more about writing and publishing, though I've been trying to do that a little more, too.

Announcements, like my CHAT ON WRITERSPACE MAY 8, 2008 9PM EDT (see link above) may actually be timely.

I'm thinking of posting pre-scheduled blogs at about 5AM so it shows up better daily.

Sometimes I've thought of several blogs, saved them, then cut and pasted them at posting time, which was a pain. So I am very much in favor of this option.

Hoping you'll all enjoy the slightly new slant,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A reader..
Just so that you can inform your people at Luna. There is a book entitled "Echoes in the Dark" by Gayle Wilson: Harlequin Intrigue #344
Confusing when there are several books by the same title.
Loved the map of Celta!
Those of us who just read, love your spontaneous posts with glimses of your life; you can always add a little note some days? I notice that on occasion there are two entries in the same day and look forward to them. Thanks

2:08 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I don't think I'll get very far ahead in my blog.

I'm sure there are many Echoes in the Dark. **shrugging** Titles can't be copyrighted. My publisher wanted that title so that's all I can say.

Glad you loved the map of Celta, someday I'll cut it from the white and put it on a black background.

Take care,

11:16 PM  

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