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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mile Hi Con Ramblings

Just got in from Mile Hi Con. I started by showing up only a little late for Improvocation -- what is it with getting stuck in traffic behind accidents with me lately -- opening exercises to warm folks up (I used one of these in Sorceress of Faith). Left slightly early because I had a reading right after, checked with Who Else books to see if they had my books. Hilari Bell read The Last Night (EXCELLENT) and since it was humerous I decided not to read Protector of the Flight (which I had practiced), and read the opening to Heart Dance instead, all of Chapter 1. Some fumblings, but I think it was ok. Then Hilari read again and I DID read from Protector -- from when Calli looks at the crystal until she falls through to the moment Alexa asks her if she knows anything about horses.

Afte that I went to the Dealer's Room to talk to my friend Jane (Seams like magik) who will be making me a kimono much like the ones on Keepers of the Flame. Then meandered over to opening ceremonies, then I was hungry and went up to the con suite and ate homemade lasagna by Sarah Hoyt (also excellent), then wandered through the art show and put a bid on a couple of things (a carnelian necklace), eyed other pieces I may or may not buy. A couple of sexy guy art instead of all sexy women (or cute art...this tends to attract very cute). Had a good time at Autograph Alley, sat with Julia Phillips and gave away wallet calendars and sold a couple of books. Had an exchange with Ed Bryant, went to a slash panel, couldn't handle it (for reasons other than the content, though that was somewhat...offputting, not often I listen to gay sex). Wandered into the bar and pulled up a (high) chair between Lynda Hilburn and Thea Hutchinson (both of whom write vampire fiction) and sitting across from CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO. We talked. Then finally up to friends party. Cheese and crackers, later a tiny cup of Baileys, listened to excellent sax on the radio on the nearly chill drive home.

Tomorrow is critique and my mentor's birthday party in her newly renovated apartment so I might not make it to MHC, or if I will it will probably be more late afternoon or evening and I've never been one for the masquerade. Depends on who might be giving parties. Denvention is, I think.

So that's how I spend time at a con. I did put promo items out and rearrange them quite often as I walk by, but it's usually walk around and look around, unless I have authorly duties.

Sunday I will leave early to do a last run through of the art show, then hang through the art auction and I have a panel on using animals in writing. Then home and collapse. Was a time I wouldn't stay past buying art, but I've got the panel...

So, that's the plans for my weekend. Have to hit the sack now, so I can print out my pages for tomorrow am.

May you enjoy social activities today.


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