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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mile Hi Con Wrap Up

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I got to Mile Hi Con early, grabbed an extremely expensive breakfast at the hotel, then hit the art show...well, I haven't bought any art for two years and I DO have this 3 x 10 space of free wall in my office, just beyond my monitor.

Anyway, I got a thin red velvet witches hat with stiff gold feathers, ribbon and gold glitter, the carnelian necklace (which the artist said my buying made her very happy), two SMALL pieces of women putting on masks/costumes (I know the description isn't good), I'll look up the artist and see if she has anything on the web), one EVIL putting on a Fox costume (which since my totem animal is fox will NOT be called EVIL in my house). And the ship I told you about before.

Another piece that I wanted went to auction, I heard the couple who wanted to buy it, say that they'd expected it to...she sounded as if she really wanted it, so I did not go to the auction and bid against them. Don't know what it ultimately went for.

Just hung around, signed all my books ("stock" or "inventory") at Who Else Books. My standard thing for Heart Dance is "Always let your heart dance." Attended the panel of Rocket Songs which was small but lively.

Went and got a stylized phoenix henna piece on my forearm from Mountain Mehndi and Malynda (and got the original design for Bri's bonding sigil in Keepers of the Flame).

I was WRONG, no one pinched my page stand up so I am happy about that -- it's the principal of the thing.

My panel, Animals as Inspiration, Theme & Characters was well attended and we got into a very good clashing discussion as to whether animals feel "higher" emotions such as love, and whether we can truly know what an animal is thinking. This ran for a while and then I said that in my books my animals are Fantasy Characters, that I try and keep them as much to what I believe them to be/think/act, but they are FICTIONAL, and I sometimes use them as archetypes, Mentor, Trickster, Sidekick.

So that's that. Since I have no good pants other than conference pants (with no pockets, and a pair that is barely respectable), Mom and I are going shopping in a couple of hours. I may actually get some work done before then.

May you all be pleased with your animal companions.


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