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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sensory Descrptions -- Pick One

I'm still working on the Keepers of the Flames copy edits, and looking forward to getting back to Heart Fate. I'm sure some of what was cut and tightened was all for the better.

But I do like descriptions, for instance, from Heart Fate:

"Maybe we'll host a holiday party and see who comes, only our allies, I s’pose, an’ I don’t want to socialize with them, either.” His voice slurred again and he nodded in weary determination. “This place is a godsend.”

Ok, so I have the voice slurring and the nod. I do this OFTEN. So, of course, when I had to cut Keepers of the Flame, it was "pick one." Occasionally I allowed two (or three, perhaps he'd rub his jaw, but usually I just chose one to cut verbage. I think it lessens the story, but it DOES cut words, and maybe I'm too descriptive anyway.

May you enjoy your creative work today.


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