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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fun and Fattening Research

If you saw the collage you will notice a Hershey's nugget wrapper. LOVE those almond, toffee, milk chocolate ones, and since I use EVERYTHING they are going in Healers of Hope. Which means that when my heroines get to Lladrana, they will take stock of their chocolate (luckily they have full bags) and see how much they can eat before the "average time of the Snap". I, of course, had not counted how many were in a bag.

So I asked one of my groups to help out. We had a long conversation of Hersheys vs. Dove candies, how many per bag, etc. I counted 32, but I need to look at the Dove ones, too, but don't think they have any with toffee....

May any research you do today be non-fat.


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