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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Characters and Families

I'll be spending today with my family and friends-who-are-family. It will be a full day. I'm not going to say much about my family. I think I wrote a blog once and deleted it because it got a little snarky. ;)

Anyway I once saw a cartoon that showed an auditorium and a banner that said "Welcome Children of Functional Families" and there was only one guy amongst many, many empty seats.

I do know that parents usually do the best they can -- as writers do -- and most people are complex and quirky and mixing in a family environment can be interesting.

I recently had an email requesting a family tree for the heart books and I actually wrote one down, then lost it, then found it, so we'll see if it makes it into Heart Quest....

So, may you enjoy your characters and your characters' families today, too.


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