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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Under Contract

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Yes, like a house. This year I ran out of contracts. Sort of. My two book contract (Heart Choice, Heart Quest) ended last year when I turned in Heart Quest. I worked on another proposal for the option book(s), submitted them, and the contractual option period began to run. If Berkley hadn't wanted the additional books, I wouldn't be under contract, which is most desirable.

At the same time (in a wonderful feat of timing by yours truly, remind me not to do that again) I submitted the last book of the Luna contract, this year. Which means I HAD to sell this year to continue to write. The contracts were not staggered, like one running out this year and one next.

Nope, looked like I might be jumping off a cliff. But I sold the Heart books before I actually had to worry, and Luna is pressing me for the option book proposals, and while I'm getting the chapters done, my plotting skills s*ck. Even with an overarching story, if I had to do it now, I'd mumble something about the heroine, the special gift being Healing, and, maybe, plague, but a definite disease and it's because....YOU, the reader, I am not telling. Aside: when you submit to an editor you TELL ALL. So, I'm hoping to whip all this into shape in the next few weeks.

And I told my agency I'm available for work again.

May you always feel wanted.


Blogger moonhart said...

Hey! Whaddaya mean you're not telling us????

Unfair! Unfair!

So, with the Lunas...which stories are next up???

you can tell us that much, right????

moon (waiting for a certain Chevalier to be written about)

7:14 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Ok, there will be disease in the city. A nasty cough, debilitation and death, I'm thinking. A year later, another rainy spring...

#2 will be your Chevalier, Faucon, acting on behalf of the Seamasters. I think he appeared in at least two scenes in Protector and had a few lines. More in the next book.

#3 will be Luthan and the Singer (we see the Singer's Abbey in Protector of the Flight).

That's it for now...back to working on #1 since I got my Heart Match words done.

8:18 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

Sounds GREAT! I know many ladies are awaiting Luthan's story. I know he must have very interesting backstory.

And Faucon, well...he makes my moonish heart go pitter-pat.



4:39 PM  

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