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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Different Books, Different Birthings

I've written 11 books (3 before I got published), and they "write" differently, but usually the pattern is the same. I zoom into the beginning, I get an idea of the end, and lots of scenes in between and write and connect.

My hardest point tends to be the 3/4 mark/turning point because something big must happen and I don't always have that nailed.

A few times what I thought would be a 1/4 turning point turned out to be the middle climax, stuff just had to happen before.

Once I get over the 3/4 point, I am used to getting the rest of the book's scenes in my head, listing them, then writing them.

This did not happen with Protector of the Flight. I zoomed the front (needs more work), trudged to the middle, nailed the 3/4 point to the end, and had some very mushy stuff that had to happen middle - through to the 3/4 point. Urgh. I didn't like working this way. I knew, generally, what had to be in that swamp, but getting it there, then stringing stuff together...urgh.

As usual there were times I didn't think I could finish the book (this always happens). As usual, I thought some bits would go a LOT faster than they did. As usual I am not at all sure the book is good. Amusing in spots, but good? And it's long. Longer than I'd ever written, but since I tend to write wordy, the cutting is not too difficult. Yet.

Books DO get "born" differently, every one. Places where you're usually stuck don't happen, places where you usually fly through get mud-stuck.

I didn't like this process at all, I intend to not do it ever again (the middle moosh stuff).

May all your scenes string like pearls on a necklace today.


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