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Monday, June 05, 2006

Rewarding Yourself & Goals

OF COURSE, I reward myself.

Furthermore, and more importantly (do what I say, not what I do), is DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU DON'T MAKE YOUR GOAL. Naturally, the best way this can work is if you set your goal LOWER than you expect. Currently I must write 4 pages a day to meet my deadline for Heart Match. Currently that's a little more than I'm comfortable with because I might get a day job and it would be hard. Currently, I've made this goal, and even "banked" a few pages for a bad day. ONE bad day, so far, and the beginning is usually the easiest part for me.

But back to rewarding myself:

1) LOOOONG talk with my crit buddy and mentor about me and my book, and her and her book, and me and my career, and her and her career, and breaking out and ideas, like the Da Vinci code, that would make a big, sexy, important book. SHE had a killer object (like sliver of the true cross only not), and we batted it around and laughed since she, writing thriller/romantic suspense would use this object to be the purpose of a quest and NOT magical, and I, of course, would make it a magical thing discovered and a part of the story. Laughing. Talking writing for HOURS without someone's eyes glazing over.

2) During dinner. I felt like Chinese, so we went to Swing Thai where I had beef in peanut sauce. Yum. Leftovers were yum, too.

3) Catching up on my book buying and reading. Jayne Ann Krentz (as Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle had TWO new books out) I got them both, LISTENED to the audio of Second Sight...all the way through to dawn the next day...hey, my schedule's my own again! Read paperback Ghost Hunter...I'm single, so listening to someone read me a book is infinitely comforting, even if I fall asleep (second go round).

4) Sleeping. Yes, I can take naps and NOT feel guilty for catching up on those other hours I spent in the office.

So, what do your characters do to reward themselves? May you find out today.


Blogger Diane P said...

So you did not mention how you liked the books. I have just finished both of them. I think I enjoyed the Jayne Castle book better because the female lead had some difficulties to overcome and she was able to do that.
I liked 2nd sight but it seemed a little flat.
What was your feelings?

9:01 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

First, you will NEVER get an unbiased opinion from me or hear anything negative about Jayne Ann here. I love her work, though I think some books are better than others.

That said...hmmm. I'm re-listening to Second Sight and re-reading Ghost Hunter. There are some bits of both that I like better than other bits. Liked the hero a lot in Second Sight, liked the set up, liked the heroine's paranormal talent. Maybe it's the reading, but I found it very atmospheric. Liked the info about early photography, too. I agree, Venetria didn't have as great an inner problem as Elly.

Ghost Hunter, liked the screw up by the hero, loved the dust bunny, of course, oddly enough didn't care for the scene with previous characters as much as I would expect.

That said, I'll buy both sequels (if there is another amber world). And, personally, I LOVED Falling Awake which has been her most unique lately.


10:19 AM  

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