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Friday, June 16, 2006

Story Magic

We all did very well. Talked writing for about 12 hours straight on Wednesday -- including the trip and the plotting session. Day 1 we did 2 hours on each story with a break for lunch (food always on the table). For the two pantzers in the group -- me and Peggy -- we did world building for me because I only had a general idea of how my paranormals worked in my urban fantasy, and heroine for Peggy. Character charts -- both hero and heroine for Kay and Janet.

Day 2 we got Peggy's hero and heroine done, my hero, heroine and villain; most of Janet's plot, and Kay's villain and plot turning points...

Thus, the difference between those of us who have less scattered brains and put more thought in the book as it goes along instead of up front.

Well, my page proofs (galleys) came on Heart Quest and they are due IN NY MONDAY, so I gotta go.

May your ideas come smoothly to you today -- and all plot points.


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