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Monday, June 19, 2006

Pantzer -- Reminding Yourself Where A Scene Goes

You saw this scene yesterday. It is NOT chronologically where I'm at in the story so far. I think it's probably 3-4 chapters away. So I wrote in "clues" to myself where it might fall in the story. When I actually transition the scene in, the clues will probably be cut because they will be repeating a set up of what readers already know.

It was late, but the weather was clear – and bitterly cold. As soon as she stepped into the entryway of D'Winterberry's Residence – the embattled Residence (setting this up at the end of my current chapter) – Dufleur teleported to another. On the far edges of Noble country, the ruins of T'Thyme Residence showed as broken columns and piles of brick and stone in the dark. As broken as her heart at the sight of her lost home.

Her hands fisted. Despite what the rest of the nobles thought, her father would never have put the Residence or the rest of them in danger if he'd had known his experiments were dangerous**.

Pardon me if I repeat this again, but in some ways my Heart books are English Regency in tone, and one of that ways is that it has a Social Season. This book will show Dufleur dragged (ok, blackmailed) into the Social Season, and I see the scene taking place after a ball.

May you enjoy wherever you end up in your writing today...


Blogger Amber Jennell said...

Hey, sounds great to me. I can see how the Heart books could be compared to a Regency.

So, how does that work for you? The plugging of text and scene ideas, etc? Never really thought of doing it that way.

BTW, saw the cover for Heart Mate. Fantastic, I love it!


1:01 AM  
Blogger Jacki Bentley said...

As always, it sounds great, Robin! Can't wait to read more.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Well, Amber, it works for me...so that's why I do it ;) Also if my brain is going fast on a scene with lots of different ideas, I'll hop down and put in a sentence or two and then weave together when I'm finally done.

Thanks Amber and Jacki!

And the HeartMate cover is a killer!


6:25 AM  

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