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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lost idea? Just Do It! Trust yourself.

I had an idea for my next scene. It escaped. Now, in the olden days before I was published, I might have frowned and journaled, trying to find it again. Since I've thought of the scene off and on for a couple of days and the idea still remains elusive, I'm sitting down and will let the scene play out as it should. It's a very important scene between Dufleur and her mother, defining the relationship, I think – but I've decided that the best thing that can happen now – without inspiration – is Just Write It and see what twists and turns they might have in the mother-daughter bond.

And I trust myself. I truly believe that once I start writing, the characters will lead the way, develop along different, surprising, and fascinating ways that I haven't thought of yet.

May your writing take a wonderful twist today.


Blogger Michele said...

Good advice for the ADD afflicted.
That's me so it helps to know it's not just the inner me goofing up.

12:49 PM  

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