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Friday, June 23, 2006


I think I wrote once that one of the advantages of series is that you have characters in place to draw upon if you need to use them in the present story -- a guardsman, Ilex Winterberry; a Healer, Lark Apple; a jeweler/blacksmith, T'Ash; and, of course, the essential purveyor of Familiars (telepathic animal companions), Danith D'Ash, my first heroine.

You also have events and concepts and previous worldbuilding to go back to. In improv I was taught "reincorporation," using a concept or scene bit that came earlier in the scene, could be powerful later, and especially ending it...such as ending in the same setting you started, but after your characters have grown and changed.

If you know my work, you'll know that in the scene I posted in the last couple of days, I can harken back to my very first book, HeartMate, and a few lines there about the child T'Ash and the T'Ash Residence HouseHeart.

Going back to info I've already developed. To my first book. Reincorporation and change of ideas (or expanding upon a worldbuilding point I've mentioned a couple of times). Makes me feel warm inside.

May you explore an integral concept of your book today, and may it change.


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