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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WARNING SPOILERS***Timelines, Reading Etc.

Ok, it is late, late, LATE. There is NO WAY I'll be up at 5:45 am and working on the book. Got a lot done today, and that's great, but I kept running afoul of my timeline. I know that Guardian of Honor went from March Fourth (forth!) to May 8th (though I couldn't find my author's copy that deliniated it), but I hadn't read Sorceress of Faith to figure out it's timeline.

So I skimmed Sorceress. First, I wish I'd done a timeline when I was writing it, it would make more sense because the dates are a little mooshy as I wrote them, especially with regard to the time loop. But since it's in print, I kept the dates as written. Ha, ha, ha.

Naturally I discovered a few things...sunlight in one scene about an hour after night had fallen...another scene that I was SURE was in the daytime that must have taken place at night (oh, the joys of non-sequential writing), but at least I didn't describe any real daytime features.

And, that there's a bunch of chapters on single days and long stretches of "one morning the second week she was there...."

I never exactly said the exact date of the return, so I was able to make it the full moon (which I could have included had I done this when writing)...

Then I spent, I guess HOURS, making a calendar timeline. I thought it could be a prize on my website next month (this month is a beanie baby hamster).

Don't know if this will show up a lot, but here it is May 29th to June 29th in a year where May 29th is a Thursday (I'm using a pinkish screen to write on currently)....and, yeah, I'm going to figure out the timeline of Protector!

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May your choreography be clear and your timeline clean today.


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