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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Switching Gears -- Changing Worlds

As much as I'd like to pretend it's easy for me to hop from one universe to the next (Heart Quest copy edits to Protector of the Flight edits), it wasn't. Naturally, since I have five books set on Celta, that's the world I'm most familiar with, and can slip into and pull out of. With every book, Celt is more fully developed and set in my mind. The rules are clear. Ahem, I'm not making as much of it up as I go along...

So getting back to Lladrana wasn't easy this time, even though I'd left Calli at a climactic moment. I suppose I realized that THOSE rules needed fine tuning...especially the Snap, which I continue to refine. Like everything, the Snap (when your home planet calls to you), has rules. I just haven't mentioned them in Guardian of Honor or Sorceress of Faith because no one's figured out the rules. And I THOUGHT I knew the rules, then I changed my mind, then I changed it back.

Anyway, it took longer than anticipated for me to immerse myself in Lladrana, and for that I've been irritated with myself.

Not to mention dipping a toe in my Contemporary Urban Fantasy, which has very FEW rules right now...

But I nailed my butt to the chair and shuffled print outs of my scenes around yesterday and managed to bleed some transitions onto the page. This morning it went well, and I intend to work hard all day.

May wherever you're going today be rewarding.


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