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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Did I Write It Or Only Think It

I thought I'd written a scene. When this happens I usually use Filehand Search (see link above), if I can remember words that might apply – like Calli, Marrec, Snap....

I didn't find it. So I believe I only had a thought in my head that I had to change one I'd already written.


But, again, I've been obsessive searching in the past. Really. Torn my office apart for hardcopy notes. Scanned every file in my book folder (this book is filed under Calli, under the folder, Exotic Summoning, under my main writing folder, Ablaze).

A while back I decided that SEARCHING usually consumed more time than actually rewriting the scene...and have I spoken on this topic before? Maybe I should search the blog...

In any case, I now allow myself a few minutes to search (and tend to look at all backups, too), then I move on.

Sigh. I was ready to REVISE the scene, not quite ready to rewrite it.

May you never misplace what you write today.


Anonymous Elliot Mednick said...

Thanks for the Filehand plug! I hope you continue to find it useful. --Elliot, Filehand co-author

8:28 AM  

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