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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Copy Edits. Urgh.

Brain dead. Eyes fried.

Got Copy Edits for Heart Quest on Sat (noticed Sat evening), and are DUE IN NY on TUESDAY. Many, many hours in, more hours to go. Choreography wonky. Payoffs disappear. Change in number of villains, and, like, do I want someone to escape?

Huh. Decisions, decisions.

And favorite words this book: pinkened (which my copy editor loathes), speared, tightened, throat clogged.

Changed TWO minor characters names – now must hand change and hope I don't miss any. (I'll let them know to do a global change and rely on my friend who edits the galleys).

Already read it through once (on landscape, set up like a book, 2 pages each side, which helps me critique), am now copying my changes to the ms (I send the full back). I'm down to the last 100 (1/4) of the book, but it's messier than usual with the little "mystery" I added. I might get it done before Breakfast for Mom, if I go now and skip my bath (had one late last night, but all that sitting...I yearn for another, and I don't like my hair today).

So I'll be working on this today and tomorrow, and the blog may very well be a mishmash hash spearing and tightening my body until my throat clogs and I pinken....anyway, just don't expect much. ;)

May your word choice glisten today.
Robin (who is about to fall off her chair in exhaustion, and misspelled this about 10 times...)


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