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Monday, January 02, 2006

Seize inspiration.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's very early here. I got up at about 3:50 am, with ideas for the first chapters of Heart Match and Heart Fate (next Heart books hopefully), but when I saw the time, I went ahead and turned on the computer, upped the heat, poured myself a large cup of water.

And started writing on Protector of the Flight. I was looking at some of my tarot decks last night and pulled "Totality" from the Osho Zen tarot that spoke of concentrating on what you are doing and fulfilling one task at a time. For me, that means working on Protector. So I did, made my word count, got ideas for a couple more upcoming scenes...and I think I overwrote...too much introspection in the scene yesterday AND today, but they're done and can be linked and cut as necessary after I finish the book.

It was rare that I got up in the middle of the night to write when I had the day job. I did so occasionally, but it was rare. I saw my dictaphone the other day...I think it's on the dining room table with three layers of other stuff, but I didn't even think of it until now. I knew I could get up and get my words done, and then write on the Heart books or work on the plot of Heart Match later (or promote Sorcerss).

The writing went well and I am finally up to a Big Scene (turning point), and will be cutting from Calli (heroine) to Marrec (hero). I want the scene to proceed from both POVs and this is how I'll do it -- chronologically, though.

I'm actually up to a scene that I've had in my head for many, many years (since I told myself these stories at night), which is exciting, too.

So, if you can seize inspiration today at an unusual time, do it! Finish the work on your current project first, and if you need to work on something else, do it later.

May you be inundated with inspiration today.


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