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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Emotional Support and Motivation

Happy NEW YEAR. May this be our best writing year ever!

Keeping motivated can be hard, so to all those who yearn to write, find a group -- oh, and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers is available to you, with online critique groups and loop-type support. One of the RWA lists has been humming with stories lately in support of a member who'd decided to quit.

Remember: You don't have to write for publication to be a writer. If that's not what you want and there's pressure on you to do this -- there should be some other online groups out there for journaling (I know there is that one) or autobiography or family biography (maybe geneological groups?). So go where you will be most supported.

Remember why you write, and the bottom line questions: Do you feel better when you write than whether you don't? Would you continue to write even if you never got published (again?). If someone paid you a billion dollars (inflation) not to write -- not even poetry or journaling, could you take the money and keep your promise? (and what if it was he-who-must-not-be-named coming to get you (or my sangviles) if you broke such a promise?)

So if you are a writer, and since it's a lonely job, make sure you are well supported emotionally throughout the year.

Love to all. Today will be another gathering amongst my writerly friends and in the mountains, so I need to clean out the car and pump some gas (thought I put in enough before the holidays, but I made more trips than anticipated), and fill a low tire with air. But it will be a good day because there will be people who I can talk to for longer than two minutes about writing and their eyes won't glaze over.

Find your niche, and may this be the best year for our writing!


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