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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Yes, this is my weak point at the start of any book. Usually the plot comes along. However, in a brief plotting session like I did with my friends on Heart Choice http://robindowens.com/images/HeartChoicePlotting.pdf , one of the best things you can do is have everyone write down twenty things that might happen in your book. This will give you ideas outside your own head. I DID use some of them... But even in the beginning of a plot and a buddy advises something that just doesn't feel right, I don't use it -- I think internally when we start a book we have a general idea how it can go, no matter how unformed.

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Blogger moonhart said...

Agreed. I love the plotting experience. I have just started jotting down notes for thesequel of my WIP. Interesting when little tidbits appear.

And I love the excitement that goes with starting a new story.


5:42 AM  

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