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Monday, July 18, 2005


Here's a post from Deidre -- copied from her Blog.

Extremely Important Warning Regarding Our Agency: A Deidre Knight Impersonator on the Loose

Yes, it’s true, and while I’m being tongue-in-cheek with my title on this blog entry, the truth is very serious, and I would appreciate all my loyal blog readers spreading the word. The story has gotten back to me through my fellow agent and friend, Roberta Brown, who heard about the situation from some of her clients. Apparently about three weeks ago someone claiming to be me sent a blanket email to roughly forty e-pub authors offering representation to anyone who was interested, “guaranteeing” a sale in NYC and claiming to charge only 10%. This is VERY serious business. Any of you who frequent this blog can imagine my take on this email—I believe some scam artist has decided to target writers and possibly charge fees or perhaps it’s someone wishing to discredit me.

Something like this bothers me on many levels. First of all, this is my reputation that it calls into question. So whoever tried this scam should know I plan to take legal action and pursue this to the fullest extent possible if it happens again. Second, the obvious use of my name to potentially take advantage of authors really galls me (obviously). Lastly, the implication that someone got so pissed at me, probably via a rejection, that they decided to try and blacken my reputation is equally annoying.

However, all of that is totally tolerable because of one thing—I know my reputation speaks for itself. Please would you guys who blog link to this blog with a warning note—that if anyone is receiving blanket offers of representation from our agency or anyone claiming to be with our agency, to forward it to me at Deidre.Knight@knightagency.net.

Many thanks!


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