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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Getting Out -- Places to Write

Sometimes when I'm sick of my home office and my place itself (dining room table), I take my laptop out and write, revise somewhere else.

My favorite is a local coffee shop in walking distance. Recently I went to a Barnes and Noble, too, which had tables set up, a new tea place (surprisingly expensive for the day) and, of course, the library -- though last time I was at a library it was a Saturday afternoon and too noisy with a loud, boistrous librarian.

The courthouse during jury duty was not a great success last month, but I CAN write on planes and in airports (when I'm not flying with people who think that's rude).

Short moral of the story, if the muse isn't coming, go somewhere else. Or if you ARE somewhere else, write on the run.

Love to all,
Robin (recovering from a VERY late night watching Firefly)...


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