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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Numbers and Library Journal review

Well, I am pitiful about keeping up my mailing list, and I only send it out a couple of times a year – but I must say my readers really came through! I told them that it was on sale at B&N and I didn’t think the print run was big enough to hit a list, so “feel free to buy.” And they DID! When I checked my numbers at http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=Ql63tHhB5D&isbn=0425203964&itm=1#REV

Heart Choice was #220 – not bad for a “niche” book!

Then I saw this wonderful Library Journal review!!! (and you all know you can’t use this amount of “!!!!s” in real writing, don’t you?) I’ve gotten a couple of reviews I’ve really liked (i.e. drugs) and it’s hard to beat this one!

Library Journal To ensure his noble line's chance of survival, Straif Blackthorn must find a cure for the genetic disorder that allowed a virus to wipe out his family-and he must start a family of his own. But the one woman who attracts him, interior designer Mitchella Clover, is sterile. A pair of seemingly star-crossed lovers face incredible odds in this well-written, humor-laced, intellectually and emotionally involving story, which explores the true meaning of family and love in a nontraditional setting. This is the latest in Owens's Celta novels, in which psychic powers are diverse and pervasive and telepathy extends to animals. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Love to all, Robin


Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

that sounds great. good for you!

3:26 PM  
Blogger moonhart said...

Oooh! Excellent Robin! Breathe. Breathe. See? You are loved.

Can't wait to read this one. Straif peaked my interest when he was first mentioned. And I loved Mitchella, too.

So, when is SOF comeong out?



5:56 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Ladies. I tried to keep Straif true to his previous character.

I still need to work on the opening of Sorceress of Faith, but it is slotted for February 2006.

love robin

7:28 AM  

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